Ramu Golf – Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Jansen Golf Design & Construction has been commissioned to design a new 18 hole golf course close to the coastal city of Cox’s Bazar on the southern tip of Bangladesh (within 50 km’s of the Burmese border)

For those of you that don’t know Cox’s Bazar it’s the most popular holiday destination for people living in Bangladesh as well as foreign tourists. With a growing middle class and the economy growing at over 5% it’s set to become even more popular. People staying at the resorts and living in the region will now get the opportunity to enjoy some golf as well.


View from the wonderful Sayeman Hotel


Traditional fishing boats in Cox Bazar

Having recently visited the coastal city I can confirm it’s a beautiful spot and much like Da Nang in Vietnam 10 years ago it’s developing rapidly. New hotels and resorts are being built as we speak and the current airport is to be improved (which should see flights from other parts of Asia). In a day and age where there is little to discover on this planet Cox’s Bazar will offer something new and I am confident it will become very popular in South East Asia.

The golf site is about 14 km from the city. The land itself is characterized by valleys and ridges, some good elevation changes and a great variety of other existing features like natural water bodies, some wonderful native vegetation and some gorgeous mountains backdrops (on the Burmese border).

We have now completed the golf route. Work on site should begin shortly with the staking and clearing exercise. We will be sure to update you as we progress.

Proposed Hole 1

Proposed Hole 1

Proposed Hole 4

Proposed Hole 4

Proposed Hole 14

Proposed Hole 14

Hole 2

Proposed Hole 2


Hole 10 up the valley


Hole 8 down to the water


A beautiful setting

Some of the existing water bodies. Drainage, Water harvesting and storage being key given the monsoon season and months without any rain

Drainage, water harvesting and storage being key given the monsoon season and also months without any rain


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2 Responses to Ramu Golf – Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

  1. Abhi Sharma says:


    The NGF tracks golf course development globally in collaboration with the R&A. Could you please let us know the exact location of Ramu Golf site? Also, is it now under construction? If so, do you have any projected opening dates for the golf course?

    We would greatly appreciate your response.

    Thank you
    Abhi Sharma
    National Golf Foundation

    • Paul Jansen says:


      The golf course is in construction. It is about 20 miles outside of Cox’s Bazaar. Project opening is 2017.


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