Hong Kong Golfer Magazine – Golf Architecture Column

I have long been an admirer of the HK Golfer (or Hong Kong Golfer magazine). Alex Jenkins and his team do a wonderful job producing a high quality magazine each month. I am particularly fond of the “course and travel” section given the fact that I too travel and see a lot of places myself but mostly because the articles are very well written and incredibly informative.

I am now very glad to be associated with the magazine albeit in a small way. I will be writing a monthly column on matters mostly pertaining to golf architecture. Alex has given me an opportunity to voice my views on my business – the business of designing golf courses – and for this I am very appreciative.

My first column (out in the April edition) details why golf courses need not be 7200 yards / Par 72 to be any good. Click on the link below to access this essay. Enjoy this read and those that follow.




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