Golf in Myanmar – A case study in affordability and accessibility

I spent a week in Myanmar (formally Burma) in late April / early May this year. During my time in Myanmar I toured over a dozen golf courses including in the major centres of Yangon and Mandalay and lesser known parts like Bagan, Popa, Thayet and Megwey. To date this will go down as one of my greatest experiences and I would urge you to visit this wonderful country which is so rich in history, beauty…..and yes golf.

In a recent article I wrote  for the R&A (see: ) I highlighted  how golf in this South East Asian country is both  affordable and accessible and how we can all learn from this. I have used numerous examples of golf courses I visited throughout the land to build my case.

To be honest I found this to be one of my my favorite articles  I have written to date (and easiest to write because I feel so strongly about a lot of the content).



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