Coxs Bazar – Bangladesh

There are just a few hidden gems  left on this planet  Man has discovered and conquered just about everywhere….if a place previously undiscovered is remarkably attractive then you can bet in quick time it gets developed and in some/many ways looses its identity

Coxs Bazar on the southern most tip of Bangladesh (about 40km from the Myanmar border) is one such place. It is developing quickly and I hope its remarkable beauty is not compromised in favor of some western flings (Just imagine the emergence of a Mcdonalds or Burger King in the town). In some ways I part of the development given that I am working with local stakeholders (hotels and businessman from Coxs and Chittagong) + the army and Golf Federation to create an 18 hole golf course that can be enjoyed by everyone in the region and the tourists that will (are) travel to the area. I will blog on this in the coming days but for now let me leave you with some pictures with captions of Coxs. Enjoy


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