Bogor, Indonesia – Asia’s hidden gem

When I asked travel guru Paul Myers (www.asiantravelmedia) to name a golf destination I should visit in Asia that would blow my mind he was quick to list Bogor, Indonesia. I knew little of this hill retreat – an hour out of Jakarta – so this surprised me. In fact the only golf course I had heard of in the region was the Jagorawi Golf & Country Club so I would almost certainly need help organizing my visit to the golf clubs. I was quickly introduced to Gosal Baromeus owner of Baltic Tour & travel ( and everything was organised in quick time and before I knew it I landed in Jakarta and was whisked off to the mountains….and by gosh what a place.

For your information there are 11 golf courses in Bogor, Indonesia and I got to visit 8 of them in the space of 3 days.

Here is my story in pictures:


The view from my hotel room at the Ibis next door to the Bogor Raya GC. The mountain/volcano in the distance is Mt Salak


The view looking in the other direction. It is quite spectacular country


The first golf club I visited was Bogor Raya and what an entrance.  Never underestimate the importance of arrival and Bogor Raya has one of the best


The clubhouse at Bogor Raya is splendid. It merges beautifully into the jungle terrain and is intimate and characterful


This is jungle and mountain country and at Bogor Raya you get that feel on many of the holes. #golfingsenseofplace


Caddies are a big part of the experience of playing golf in Asia. This is no exception at Bogor where you will find the best caddies of them all


Next stop was the Rancamaya Golf Club. You get a feel for the beauty of the place on the first tee with Mt Salak in the distance. It is hard to believe you are so close to the city of Jakarta


Mt Salak in the distance on a number of the holes. #golfingsenseofplace


The next stop on was Palm Hill GC which has a large stream system running in between the golf course. This gives the golf courses a somewhat different appeal to the other ones I had visited. You certainly feel one with nature at Palm Hill….and what a wonderful feeling indeed


The golf experience

20170427_170007 (FILEminimizer)

Late in the afternoon we popped across to the superb Jagorawi Golf & Country Club. 

More information can be found here:


The drop shot 1st hole at Guning Guelis GC. 60m of sky time. Look at that view.


Mountain golf experience at its best at Guning Guelis. 


Rock, trees and scenery at Guning Guelis


The recently renovated Guning Guelis (2nd course) by Ross Perret. More environmentally sound with jaw dropping scenery 


Travel advice: Remember folk the coffee is generally very sweet in South East Asia. That’s condense milk substituted for milk (+ the 3 tea spoons of sugar added to the coffee already)


I am a huge fan of bougainvillea so its was pleasing to see it at mass at Rainbow Hill GC


Rocks dot some of the play areas on the new nine at Rainbow Hills. Designed by the JMP Design Group


View from the clubhouse at Sentul Highlands. Its views like this that make golfers want to return


later on that night. What a place

See video link for Sentul Highlands. Just wonderful:


Rocks dotting some of the play areas at Sentul Highlands


Mt Salak from Sentul Highlands


The delightful Riverside Golf Course. Jungle, gorges, streams and strategic golf


Welcome to the jungle at Riverside


Lovely set of Par 3’s at Riverside. This one is beautifully defined by bougainvillea


Last but not least the relatively flat but big scale Emeralda GC







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