2016 Ryder Cup and Matchplay golf


Standing on Hole 10…one of the more dramatic holes on the property

I was fortunate to attend all 3 days of the Ryder Cup at the Hazeltine National GC in Chaska, Minnesota this past week. This is the second time I have attended a Ryder Cup – I was at Valhalla in 2008.

I call myself lucky.

I think the event is fantastic (indeed one of the great sporting events) and whilst I am somewhat of a neutral I still get caught up in the ebb and flow and wonderful golf on display. Of course I am a big fan of Match Play golf in general and my hope is that more golf events (even a major perhaps) adopts this format moving forward. It’s not only exciting to watch match play golf but just see how worked up the golfers get in the heat of the battle. Also the maintenance and general set-up is less focused on trying to defend the scorecard (which is the norm during typical tournament events) and more focused on creating entertaining golf….I like that.

On the golf course it’s difficult to watch much golf – think 100 000+ people following only 4 groups on Friday and Saturday and as you would imagine the cost of any merchandise and or food / beverage is astronomical. That said if you enjoy golf and sport in general then you should make a Ryder Cup pilgrimage once in your life.

Prize possession....

Prize possession….



Queuing for food and drink….and it ain’t cheap as you see.


More queuing…but in the US don’t expect to wait for ages.


Waiting for a group to come through….these guys and girls probably have 2 hrs to go before anyone of the groups play the hole


Lucky to get some up close and personal golf on Hole 16. See for the crowd numbers


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