Existing Build - Renovation & Restoration


Systems become out-dated with time and need replacement or doing away with altogether. Design features may no longer add value or simply need a brush up.
In our experience many golf courses today can be improved considerably by doing away with more. We will propose initiatives for increasing the value of the golf course by adding interest, character, strategy and charm whilst doing away with those nuisances that have no value to the golf experience and only add to the cost of maintaining the golf course.  


It is common to find that many golf courses, designed by some of the great golf architects of yesteryear, have changed quite considerably through the years. The result being that the current design often bears no resemblance with the original. In this case, key elements such as style and strategy have been forfeited with the result being a less rewarding golf experience. At Jansen Golf Design we are committed to using our knowledge and appreciation of the golden age golf architects (c.1900 – 1930) in the work we do today. In addition to this, we also realise that a true restoration is only possible following careful research and study of the subject matter.

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