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Rocks and Golf

Pete Dye in his excellent book Bury me in a pot bunker wrote that a “A significant part of the enjoyment of the game comes from the players awareness of the beauty of the golf course and the abundant wildlife that wanders freely there”.  

I agree.

When a golf course is immersed in nature and where the surrounding scenery is spectacular the experience will almost always be a memorable one….even if the golf course itself is riddled with deficiencies

This weekend I am in Muskoka – a few hours drive north of Toronto, Canada. I have been to this region a few times before. We are here to enjoy the cranberry festival. I cant think of another place on the globe that is so dominated by rock outcrops, stream and lake systems, rainbow colored trees and in general such remarkable beauty at this time of year.  The Muskoka region is also home to some beautiful golf courses or golf courses that traverse beautiful terrain.

Here are some to wet the appetite:

Muskoka Bay



Taboo Golf Course


Oviinbyrd Golf Course


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