Paul Jansen: Golf Architect and Global Traveler

"The world is yours to explore"

Riviera Country Club and the man who designed it

My last few blogs / tweets have been focused primarily on the European tour stops – those in the Middle East and South Africa. Yes I know you can hardly call it the European tour these days given how little golf is actually played in Europe. Anyway, I feel it more fitting, this week, that I discuss events closer […]

Colonel S.V. Hotchkin – Golf Architect

It is fitting given that the European Tour is heading down to East London, a sleepy coastal city with an impressive golf course – East London GC, that I should write about one of my favourite golf architects and one many have never heard of. Colonel Stafford Vere Hotchkin (1876 – 1953) was an army […]

The Joburg Open

Most people will be watching golf out of Pebble Beach this weekend (and who can blame them). I wont be, rather I am more interested in the co-sanctioned European Tour / Sunshine Tour event down in South Africa. Don’t get me wrong I think Pebble Beach is a memorable golf course and great test of golf. It has some […]

A Sense of Place

When I play golf in the desert I want to feel like I am in the desert…….. It seems the best and most loved golf courses have a ‘real sense of place’. They sit harmoniously in their surroundings as if they had been there for an eternity. They certainly don’t look out of place. Think […]

Working in a Foreign Environment

Surely if you love what you do where you work does not matter? Golf as we know it has become a universal game. Heck, there are over 55 golf courses in Iceland!! Most African countries have a golf course or two…even places like Papua New Guinea has golf courses. I cant think of another sport, […]

The Travelling Golf Architect

My work has taken me across the globe. I have visited every continent barring South America, have lived permanently in 5 countries and worked in many more. Yes, I am very lucky to have been too so many wonderful places and have learnt a copious amount from each of these experiences but it is not […]

My first Blog

I have always wanted to express my thoughts on golf course architecture or macro landscape design (as I sometimes refer to it) and this blog affords me this opportunity. My hope is that I can comprehensively detail my thoughts on golf course architecture based on the places I have worked and the people I have […]