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"The world is yours to explore"

Weather and it’s effect

So I am sitting here at this coffee shop, just outside of Toronto, wondering if the weather can get much worse? It snowed over night and what we are left with today is driving sleet – SPLENDID. I wrote a tweet the other morning @jansengolfdesign that I still stand by…. It reads ‘With all the snow you […]

How important is a Golf Course Routing?

A Golf Architect is a bit of a jack of all trades – you need to know a lot about golf, master planning, drainage and civil’s, landscape architecture, Irrigation, agronomy, construction, project management and have good people skills. Whilst a jack of all trades I am of the opinion that if there was one thing a Golf […]

Grass Selection

When working on a new design the question of which grass to use is always a pertinent one and discussed early in the process. On any redesign / renovation / restoration project it is discussed to a lesser extent albeit not uncommon particularly if the scope of work includes a review of the existing turf and conditions. Kikuyu […]

Kikuyu Grass @ Riviera CC

To follow on from my previous post….I like the Riviera CC a lot, I really do, but I wonder how effective these run off areas around a few of the greens are? Most times the idea of having tightly mown areas (cut at fairway height) as green surrounds is a really good one since it exaggerates the […]

Riviera Country Club and the man who designed it

My last few blogs / tweets have been focused primarily on the European tour stops – those in the Middle East and South Africa. Yes I know you can hardly call it the European tour these days given how little golf is actually played in Europe. Anyway, I feel it more fitting, this week, that I discuss events closer […]

Colonel S.V. Hotchkin – Golf Architect

It is fitting given that the European Tour is heading down to East London, a sleepy coastal city with an impressive golf course – East London GC, that I should write about one of my favourite golf architects and one many have never heard of. Colonel Stafford Vere Hotchkin (1876 – 1953) was an army […]

The Joburg Open

Most people will be watching golf out of Pebble Beach this weekend (and who can blame them). I wont be, rather I am more interested in the co-sanctioned European Tour / Sunshine Tour event down in South Africa. Don’t get me wrong I think Pebble Beach is a memorable golf course and great test of golf. It has some […]

A Sense of Place

When I play golf in the desert I want to feel like I am in the desert…….. It seems the best and most loved golf courses have a ‘real sense of place’. They sit harmoniously in their surroundings as if they had been there for an eternity. They certainly don’t look out of place. Think […]

Working in a Foreign Environment

Surely if you love what you do where you work does not matter? Golf as we know it has become a universal game. Heck, there are over 55 golf courses in Iceland!! Most African countries have a golf course or two…even places like Papua New Guinea has golf courses. I cant think of another sport, […]

The Travelling Golf Architect

My work has taken me across the globe. I have visited every continent barring South America, have lived permanently in 5 countries and worked in many more. Yes, I am very lucky to have been too so many wonderful places and have learnt a copious amount from each of these experiences but it is not […]